Rapeseed Meal

We are engaged in offering quality Rapeseed Meal, which is hygienically processed using advanced machines.

Our Rapeseed Meal is sourced from reliable vendors thus ensure superior quality and taste. The Rapeseed Meal can be availed in varied quantity packaging to meet the demands of the clients.

Rapeseed meal contains approximately 40% of protein which rates among the nutritionally best plant proteins. For Monogastric diets it has better amino acid balance than soybean meal.

Rapeseed meal is used basically in animal feed due to its protein content of 36-38%.

Rapeseed Meal contains a blend of amino acids suited to non-ruminant diets but its use is limited by the presence of several ANFs.

Whilst sinapine is responsible for the fishy taint of eggs from hens fed high levels of rapeseed meal, the most significant ANF with regard to feed is glucosinolate, which is highly goitrogenic and cannot be inactivated by heat processing.

However, conventional (non-GM) plant breeding has addressed this through the production of ‘double-zero’ varieties of rapeseed containing low content of erucic acid and low content of glucosinolates.

Parameters Value
Oil and Albuminoid 38.00% Min
Moisture 10% Max
Sand and Silica 2.5 % Max
Fibre 12.00% Max
Aflatoxin 50 PPB, Max

Free from Moulds or strange smell.
Free from live insects, weevils, ball cake and lump.
Perceptible in fresh colour and natural smell at the time of loading.

200 gm / 500 gm / 15 kg / 20 kg / 50 kg.

Bulk order are also available as per client's requirement.

Storage : In covered finished good shed, in dry atmosphere.

Shelf Life : 24 months after manufacturing.