Celery Seed (Ajmoda)

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Botanical Name Apium graveolens
English Name Cardamom
Family Name Apiaceae
Varieties Machine Clean & Sortex
Availability Whole / Grounded (Powder)

Celery seeds are tiny (more than a million of them comprise just two pounds), but their pungent flavor and penetrating aroma pack a powerful punch. As a result, ancient Greeks and Romans once considered them an aphrodisiac.

It is valuable in weight-loss diets. The common belief is that celery yields negative calories because it is very difficult for humans to digest. Ground celery seeds are a great source of calcium. Ancient ayurveda used celery seeds to treat colds, flu, water retention, poor digestion and various types of arthritis.

Parameters Value
Purity 99%
Total Ash 9.5% Max
Acid Insoluble Ash 1.75% Max
Flavor Aromatic with a penetrating flavor
Moisture 10% Max
Salmonella Absent / 25 Gms

The volatile oil of celery is used in making of perfumes and in pharmaceutical industries. Also, all parts of a celery plant are edible and usable including the root.

As a natural diuretic, celery seeds may benefit patients with high blood pressure by speeding up salt excretion. High levels of salt in the blood can cause fluid buildup in the blood vessels, causing high blood pressure.

Celery seeds are said to contain about 20 anti-inflammatory agents, which can help alleviate pain and discomfort from gout and arthritis.

Celery seeds also have antiseptic components that can help relieve or prevent urinary tract infections.

Celery seed extracts are usually added to perfumes, aromatic oils and soaps for deodorizing purposes.

200 gm / 500 gm / 15 kg / 20 kg / 50 kg.

Bulk order are also available as per client's requirement.

Storage : In covered finished good shed, in dry atmosphere.

Shelf Life : 24 months after manufacturing.