We are engaged in offering a fine grade quality of Barley seed which is used as food supplements. Our products are selected from the best farm of barley from prominent crop producing fields where clean and tidy farming methods are implemented.

These barley grains are well-known globally for their precious medicinal properties.

It is available in a variety of forms like whole barley, hulled barley, pearled barley as well as barley flakes.

Our clients can avail from us superior quality Barley Seeds. These are used in different food products like soups, stews and barley bread.

Moreover, these seeds also serve as a major animal feed crop and are also used in malting of beer and beverages.

Barley is used for livestock feed, human food, and malt production. Each of these uses is best met with specific barley varieties. About three-quarters of barley production is used for food/malt purposes, and the remainder is used as animal feed. Some barley varieties are better suited for feed and others for malting purposes.

High-quality feed barley contains high protein levels and test weights, while low protein levels and plumpness are necessary for malting purposes. However, some varieties can be used for either purpose and, in many cases, their use depends upon agronomic situations.

Barley competes with corn and sorghum as a feed grain. It has higher protein contents than corn, which reduces the need for protein supplements in feed rations. However, it lacks some of the other nutritional elements present in corn. In general, feed barley prices are approximately 85% of corn prices on a per bushel basis.

Parameters Value
Moisture 10% max
Foreign Matter 1% min
Other Food Grain 1% Max
Discoloured 1% max
Broken 1% max

Animal Feed : Barley, being a good source of protein, is used as a feed for the livestock. The barley used as an animal feed is either rolled, grounded, flaked or pelleted. These products are given in the form of grain, silage, or straw to dairy and beef cattle. The by-products of malted barley are also used in the form of animal feed.

Human Consumption : A wide variety of barley products are known to be suitable for human consumption. These include porridge, muesli, cookies, etc. made of barley flakes, cereals made of barley bran, and muffins, cookies, breads, pasta, etc. made of barley flour.

Malted Barley : Barley is malted to be used in alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, etc. Apart from this, the malted barley is also used as flavors, sweeteners, malt extracts, malt flours, etc.

Other Uses : Apart from being used as an eatable, barley is also used in many other fields like industries and agriculture. The barley straw is used to make the bed for the livestock, while bales of barley are used in making paper, fiberboard, etc. The starch present in barley is used in making paper, paper starch based detergents, bio-degradable plastics, etc.

200 gm / 500 gm / 15 kg / 20 kg / 50 kg.

Bulk order are also available as per client's requirement.

Storage : In covered finished good shed, in dry atmosphere.

Shelf Life : 24 months after manufacturing.